Esteem Footing Software


Esteem Footing Features

  • GUI drag & drop new pile.
  • BS, CP and EC2 code of practice
  • Real-time pile stress calculation.
  • Instant pile group C.G.
  • Intelligent pile cap boundary dimensioning & editing.
  • Pile eccentricities analysis, design & detailing.
  • Full plan and section detailing.
  • Allow for difference in pile type.
  • Up to 300 piles in single pile cap.
  • Export to DXF or DWG format.   
  • Compatible to install on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 64 bit OS

Footing 4.7.248 New Features 

1. Show Top Bar in Detailing Feature.

In Parameter Setting> Pile Footing there is an option to show top bar


Previously no top bar can be shown in detailing, with v4.7.248.0 top bar can be shown

Previous 4.6.801 version:                                              Latest version:

NoTopBarDetailing4_6_801   TopBarDetailing4_7_248

2. Allow the column to be moved relative to the origin for Pile and Pad

As shown below the column (light blue square) can be move around relative to origin, this is useful for remedial works:


Previous version do not have option to move around column relative to origin:


3. Footing engine is improved for EC2 (NA to SS), previously for pile design with EC2 (NA to SS) will give a larger pile cap depth and more rebar for Pile design, the latest version for pile cap depth and rebar for pile design is more accurate:

For example when designing for the same Pile as shown below:


In v4.7.248.0 the Pile design gives smaller pile cap and less rebar in side detailing:


Whereas with previous Footing v4.6.801, the Pile design has a larger depth for the pile cap and use more rebar:









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