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The Ultimate Reinforced Concrete Integrated Total Solution Software



Modelling and Visualisation

  • Input floor key plan with fully integrated project management and status control of analysis and design
  • Easy GUI input with text object viewer to drag and draw 
  • Transparent features with primary and secondary icons
  • Non-orthogonal floor key plan grids
  • Mapping of elements to actual identification of slab, beam, column and wall in total input
  • Intelligent input short-cuts, such as auto data generation and data checking
  • Architectural dwg, dxf import and export of grids, columns and beams
  • Perspective and modelling view in 3-D, and plan and side elevations view
  • Fly-Through animation


  • Total integration of floor key plans for 3-D analysis
  • Automatic adaptive mesh generation for well-graded triangular and quadrilateral shell elements
  • Full integration of total input of beam, column and wall for automatic 3-D modelling, including wall opening, offsets of beam, column and wall
  • Post-analysis load combinations, graphical deflection and analysis textual output
  • Automatic data feed-back from floor plan analysis for 3-D analysis and vice versa for floor plan design of beam and column with full integration of: 
    1. All floor plans gravity load effects for 3-D analysis based on actual beam support in total input
    2. Wind and notional load effects for total project design and detailing of beam, column, wall, pile and pad footing
  • P-Delta analysis of selected load combinations
  • Seismic
  • Steel member section
  • Stage Construction

Design and Detailing

  • Compliance with the BS8110:1985 / 1997 and EC2 & EC8 code of practice
  • Comprehensive and total output
    - Concise textual calculation and detailing output
    - Captivating user-friendly graphical interface
    - Compatibility to CAD drawing DWG and DXF files
  • Choice to freely configure rebar detailing and drafting
    - Customised to local consultants context and culture
    - Completed details of slab, beam, column, wall and footing for drafting, including(but not limited to) the column/wall schedule, footing key plan and schedule for both pad and pile foundation
    - Configure freely the design and detailing parameters for automatic selection and detailing of rebar
    - Control fully the vertical drop in slab and beam


  • Revit integration, import and export between Esteem models and Revit 2013-2019 models 

Revit BIM Integration

Revit Esteem Flow Chart

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